Fun. Dynamic. Effective. These are just some words that describe Jumping®.

Bouncing or rebounding on a trampoline helps to detoxify, energize and strengthen your entire body while you are having fun. It also helps to regulate your blood pressure, enhance your physical endurance and tone up your body muscles.

At each class, you will engage in a structured workout by jumping on our top-quality trampolines imported from Europe, specially designed to ensure safety and to support your every move. Trained by our professional instructors, the workout is suitable for everyone, regardless of age, body shape or fitness levels.

Meet other Jumping® enthusiasts here, or grab your buddies along to motivate one another to a healthier lifestyle.

Jump, it’s as simple as that.

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Survived some Jumping® classes, but hungry for even more challenging moves?

ClubberJump is the answer to the hardcore Jumper’s appetite – it is an advanced variant of Jumping® Fitness and is Prestique Studio’s signature class as we believe “Bounce Music Rocks!”

Reveal the “clubber” in you, as you will jump and dance on the trampoline to different genres of music and choreography. Our studio’s dancing lights will also flash in tandem to the throbbing music, enhancing the “clubbing” experience.

This is the ultimate jump – nothing like you have ever jumped before. It is cardio, clubbing, and pure intense fun, all in one class.

Whenever you are ready, we dare you to jump – the clubber’s way!

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Master the controlled movements in Pilates while practicing some speed and intensity in Boxing.

Piloxing® – a creative blend of both workouts delivered as a high-energy interval fitness regime. Experience the power and agility of Boxing, and the gracefulness of standing Pilates, as you engage in choreographed dance moves.

Besides helping to improve on your cardiovascular ability and to strengthen your core muscles, Piloxing® aims to tone and sculpt your desired body effectively. Our qualified instructors will ensure you are in correct posture and balance, while you are sweating it out and having fun.

Various class versions like SSP, Knock-Out and The Mix are available to suit your personal preference.

Now, put on those gloves!

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Ever wondered how it feels like to be part of a music video, or to dance like you are part of a flash mob? Join The Mix.

This latest cardio-dance program by Piloxing® is inspired by the commercial dance scene in Los Angeles. Indulge in the hottest music hits while learning the funkiest grooves, this is a high-energy cardio workout that allows you to dance like there is no tomorrow.

Enjoy the fun and freedom of expressing your moves as if no one is watching and get addicted right from the first beat! The Mix is for everybody – whether you are an aspiring fitness enthusiast or the dance fanatic who craves for a good routine.

Get obsessed and lose yourself to the amazing music. This is what cardio should feel like.

Bring it on with an attitude and let your body take over now!

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Feel the music. Drum like a rockstar. Work your body to the rhythm and beats.

Pound® is a unique exercise method inspired by the energizing action of playing the drums. Using lightly-weighted drumsticks or Ripstix®, engineered specifically for exercising, you will transform drumming into a highly effective cardio workout.

As you engage in Yoga and Pilates-like movements, it will improve both your strength and endurance. Moving to the music and beats, your body undergoes conditioning, and you can be sure to sculpt your muscles and attain a leaner and slimmer physique too.

A refreshing way to exercise, Pound® is suitable for anyone who is ready to instill some fun into their fitness regime.

So, let’s rock!

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Fun is key when it comes to kids’ exercise.

The Jumping® Kids class offers an easy yet engaging regime for the young ones – building their core strength, cardiovascular fitness and endurance, all at the same time. Complementing that, the Piloxing® Kids class helps to strengthen and lengthen their little muscles while improving their balance and posture; and the Pound® Kids class fuses movement and music to improve focus, coordination, physical fitness and teamwork skills.

Guided in a safe manner, combining exercise and interactive activities during classes will not only help boost the kids’ immunity system, but also allow them to embrace their creativity, enhance their confidence and self-awareness while making new friends.

Nurture them from young on the importance of being fit and healthy, and it will stay with them for life.

Let your little ones join us soon!

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Team-bonding is essential in any company so that employees grow comfortable working alongside one another.

Be it a Fitness Day of the Week, or just a day out to do something different besides the usual work duties, a group fitness workout may just be the perfect activity to bring everyone together.

At Prestique, we offer affordable corporate packages for the various fitness classes, which will help your employees get fitter, destress from work, as well as simply have fun as a company unit.

Good morale in the office always brings positive and greater things. This in turn results in job satisfaction, staff retention and healthy productivity for the company.

So, make that first step by signing up your company today!


To find out more about our Corporate Partnership and Events, please write in to info@prestiquestudio.com.sg. Thank you.