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Party. Choreo. Trendy 

Party Jumping is always exciting for us, and nothing beats jumping to the songs we love!


Our Signature Jumping Series - ClubberJump, inspired from Clubbers who love Jumping, work to provide a fun sweat sesh for those who love cardio and party fun all at the same time!


Ranging from mixed music genres with different class intensity starting from Basic, Level 1 and Level 2, we also provide specific Themed Classes for the different genres of music, such as K-Pop, Mando-Pop, English-Pop, etc. Jumpers who prefer more strengthening and conditioning, can look to try Tabata classes too. 


Jumpers will expect some fun-filled Jumping Experience on our premium trampolines, while earning a good burn of calories that is 3 times more effective than running in the same hour!

Reveal the “clubber” in you, as you will party with us to different genres of music and moves. Our studio’s dancing lights will also flash in tandem to the throbbing beats, enhancing the “clubbing” experience.

This is the ultimate jump – nothing like you have ever jumped before. It is cardio, clubbing, and pure intense fun, all in one!

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