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      Joraine Tan

  • Founder of Prestique Studio

  • Resident Master Trainer

  • Advanced Jumping Instructor

  • Driven by passion, her energy turns every class into a party!

  • From her to you: Dare to Jump, Get Crazy and Keep Smiling!

“Amazing instructor!! Joraine caters to our needs and levels and you’ll feel super motivated throughout her class!! Easily the best jumping studio in Singapore!!! Love it!!!”

“Great workout! Level 2 classes are a breath stealer. If my thighs could scream, they would. Definitely builds stamina and endurance!”

“If you want to get some toned legs, this is the class for you. The music was awesome. It was a great workout session and.. Didn’t know that jumping would be so addictive!”

      Don Foong

  • Senior Jumping Instructor

  • Our Fitness Icon, Mr Cool, and Hunk in da House!

  • From him to you: In fun & fitness, we learn from each other.

"Great mix of music and a fun workout! Was sweating buckets without realizing. Thank you!”

“Great workout, perfect for a beginner like me too! Class was inspiring, upbeat and super fun! Will be back for more!”

“The class gave just the right amount of challenge and I definitely worked up a good sweat! I enjoyed the variations and the signature moves as well. Great song choices. Thank you for the class!”

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Melissa's Profile Pic.jpeg

      Melissa Ng 

  • Jumping Instructor

  • Bubbly and cheery, her happy vibes are sure to chase your blues away!

  • From her to you: All you need is a good jump to brighten up your day!

“Fun workout and easy to follow. Instructions are clear and steps are well explained. Her smiles and encouragement are definitely helpful in getting you to jump harder!"


"Very friendly instructor and encouraging for first timers. Great cardio workout and songs! Thank you for the patience in explaining every move!!"

"Enthusiastic and positive! Great pacing and fun too! Melissa's class will let you forget about all your worries as you jump to the hype music!"

      Jasmine Chiang

  • Jumping Instructor

  • Friendly and energetic, her laughter will motivate you to jump harder!

  • From her to you: Life without music would be a world without colours.

“Jasmine is such a joyful and lovely instructor to workout with. Thank you for your dedication and how you remember your students. You’re doing such an amazing job!"

“Extremely enjoyable, Jasmine is super friendly and energetic! She made the class so fun & entertainng. Loved the class! Makes me wanna go again!"

"Jasmine’s playlist was super lit!! I loved her energy and encouragement :) She took effort to teach us each special step before the song. Well done!"

Jasmine's Profile Pic_edited_edited.jpg

      Vivien Yap

  • Jumping Instructor

  • Fun and creative, she is always full of interesting moves!

  • From her to you: Pace yourself well and enjoy your every jump!

“Engaging and funny instructor. Enjoyed the class and it boosted my mood for the day. Thank you Vivien!"

"Really love how we can jump to the beat! Love the hype!! The instructor is friendly and funny too! Would definitely go back again! Recommended if you are looking for something more relaxing but at the same time still sweat!!"

"Very nice and fun instructor that goes through the steps one by one! Appreciate it Vivian! Thank you very much for the class. I enjoyed it!"

      Doris Phuah

  • Jumping Instructor

  • Patient and sweet, she will still power up during her jumps!

  • From her to you: Jumping is for Everyone! Join us and you will love it too!

“My first time doing a jumping class & I really enjoyed it! There was quite a wide selection of music genres, so the workout didn’t feel painful at all! Doris was also super clear in her demonstrations, genuinely appreciate her guidance!"

"Doris was very friendly & nice. The class was fun & interesting."

"It was my first time trying out jumping, the instructor was friendly and patient with me even when I couldn't keep up with the music. She introduced to me the basics of the exercise and showed me how to do the different moves. Definitely refreshing for me, didn't expect to sweat so much, great workout, nice music."

Doris's Profile Pic_edited.jpg
Diana's Profile Pic_edited.jpg

      Diana Lim

  • Jumping Instructor

  • Positive and Enthusiastic, she is the happy pill for your workouts!

  • From her to you: Smile, Enjoy and Let's Jump!

“Class was fun! Music was fantastic!"

"Diana is cheerful and encouraging. Class was fun and super energetic! Simply love the positive vibes in class! Thanks for the patience in guiding too!"

"Music was great and love the instructor's energy to hype up the class! Friendly and easy to follow steps which made jumping on the trampolines fun for beginners like me!"

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