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We believe that good instructors will be the soul and spirit of our studio, and it is through their passion and enthusiasm that members will enjoy the classes and be motivated to keep up with their fitness goals.

Please send in your resume to for our review.
Instructors may send in your class videos or join in to one of our classes for our assessment or selection.

Why Prestique Studio ?

Expanding the latest trends of trampoline jumping and group fitness classes, Prestique Studio offers their members an effective range of fitness programs that will provide cardio training, body toning as well as dance-related workouts. We also aim to instil a positive and progressive working environment for both our instructors and studio crew as we believe that team work and happiness are the main ingredients to our success.

Take your Career Game to the Next Level !

At Prestique Studio, no idea goes unheard. Our multi-faceted professional environment gives the opportunity for propositions to be shared and constructively implemented by the team. At every step, we strive to beat existing goals by pushing one another to learn new skills. Every instructor and studio crew is an important asset to our growth and development, and we value every single feedback to help us be the studio-of-choice for our members.

Get Fit with Us !

De-stress and exercise with us while you achieve your professional goals! Our instructors and studio crew can join in to our classes to maintain a fitter and healthier lifestyle together as a team! This is what we call “One for All and All for One!”

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Batch 3 Certification

24th June 2023 - 25th June 2023

Learn on how to jump with the correct techniques and be more efficient in the workout!
These 2-Days Course will aim to impart the tips and advice on how to be a Jumping Instructor here with us.
You will also have direct mentorship from our Resident Master Trainer and be coached as you
embark on your teaching journey here at Prestique Studio.

If you think you have what it takes, WE WANT YOU!
Join our Jumping Team and take the chance to know more friends and to enjoy a fitter and healthier lifestyle as we get to know more songs and create more interesting choreos together!

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