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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to do a Class Booking ?
    1) Website: 2) Mobile App: TeamUp Members (Log in with your Member Email) 3) Facebook/Instagram: @prestiquestudio (Book Now) 4) Email: 5) Hotline: 6816 0864 (CQC); 6993 9778 (MS) 6) WhatsApp: 8800 3938
  • Do I have to pay any Membership Fees ?
    No membership fee is required to set up an account with Prestique Studio. Feel free to register yourself today and browse through our online class calendar and packages.
  • Do you accept Last Minute Walk-ins ?
    We highly recommend pre-booking of classes at least 1 day in advance to avoid disappointment. For last minute bookings, we advise members to call us directly to check for availability before coming to the studio.
  • Cancellation Policy
    For Cancellation of Booking, please do so at least 12 hours before class commencement to be entitled for a refund of class credit to your account. Otherwise, we regret to inform that the class credit will be forfeited as it will be deemed as a No-Show.
  • Is Package Sharing Allowed ?
    Yes, Package Sharing is allowed. Number of Guest Accounts are allowed based on Size of the Package bought. For Guest Bookings, please contact us to create Guest Accounts separately.
  • Can I invite a Friend to Join Me ?
    Sure, of course! For Guest Bookings, please contact us to create Guest Accounts separately. Number of Guest Accounts allowed will be subject to Package signed up.
  • Any Weight Limit ?
    Our premium trampolines are made from top-quality materials and has a bearing capacity of up to 150kg. For intense jumping, we will recommend max of 130kg for classes.
  • Is there any Changing Facility ?
    Yes. We have a changing room within our studio premises and the common washrooms within the malls are just less than 1 minute away from us.
  • Is there Storage Space for Bags ?
    Yes. We have ample storage space in our studio rooms for you to place your belongings while you enjoy your workout.
  • Do you Serve Drinks ?
    Bottled mineral water and canned drinks are available for purchase over our counters.
  • Merchandise Exchange Policy
    Exchange is allowed within 14 days from purchase date. Item must be in original condition, with the price tag and packaging bag intact.
  • What to Wear for Class ?
    Be dressed in appropriate and comfortable sports attire. For Jumping, Strong Nation®, and Zumba® Fitness, please be in a pair of soft soles/ training shoes for better comfort. For Piloxing® SSP classes, you can go barefoot or wear a pair of anti-slip socks.
  • What to Bring to Class ?
    Do grab along a small towel to wipe off your perspiration and a bottle of water to hydrate yourself during the workout. Please note that soft drinks or any other sweetened drinks are not allowed inside the studio rooms during the workout.
  • What Time to Arrive ?
    Please register at the studio reception 5-10 minutes before class starts. For first timers, please be present 15 minutes earlier to complete the indemnity form.
  • Do you offer Studio Rental ?
    Yes, we do. Please write in to to find out more.
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