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      Patricia Tong

  • Certified Elite Instructor for Piloxing® SSP, Piloxing® KO & Piloxing® Barre

  • Certified Instructor for Piloxing® Booty Builder, The Mix by Piloxing® & Strong Nation

  • Certified Personal Trainer by American Council on Exercise

  • Awesome coach and mentor who guides all of us to get better.

  • From her to you: Basic techniques are important to ensure safety and effectiveness.

“Patricia is great! Her instructions were clear and she was so motivating! Really sweat a lot!"

“Fun instructor and she makes sure everyone of us does the right movements. Great workout for the body too.”

“Fantastic energy, great fun, effective workout! Patricia is very encouraging, very energetic and an excellent instructor. Love the class!”

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      Celine Leow

  • Certified Instructor for Zumba® Fitness

  • Certified Instructor for Piloxing® SSP

  • Certified Instructor for Seniors Stretch Band Fitness

  • Friendly and Dynamic, Let's Power Up and Burn those Calories!

  • From her to you: Fitness is for everyone! It should be fun & enjoyable too!

“Celine has great energy and hype! Was really fun to train with her!”

“Positive and encouraging. Always feel motivated by her to push harder and be better!”

“Wonderful workout experience! Celine is friendly and nice, and simply love the class vibes!” 

      Sharon Ong

  • Certified Instructor for Zumba® Fitness

  • Certified Instructor for Salsation® Fitness

  • Bubbly and Energetic, her smiles will help brighten each class!

  • From her to you: Music and Dance work best to relieve stress for everyone!

“Sharon is nice and friendly. Her smiles help to make each class more fun and enjoyable too!"

“Dancing is made fun and easy with her instructions and she does variations to help new joiners follow better.

“Awesome dance class with great smiles and positive vibes! Will definitely look forward to joining her again soon!”

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      Eileen Ng

  • Certified Yoga Instructor for MySore India - Vinyasa Yoga (Samyak Yoga)

  • Completed 200 Hours Residential Yoga Teacher Training Program

  • Innately creative and makes the class fun to cater to all levels

  • From her to you: Approach Yoga with the mind of a beginner and enjoy this journey as you improve your overall well-being. 

“Eileen is nice and patient to guide and teach the moves. Felt really relaxed and muscles felt less tight after class!"

“Great stress relief! Super helpful to recharge ourselves from the work load we have!”

“Yoga is really therapeutic! Improves our physical, mental and spiritual aspects while finding inner peace.”

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